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Information about the region

The region

In the South of France, at the foot of the Pyrenees lies the area of the Cathars. It stretches from the Mediterranean to the castle of Montsegur in the mountains. It is dotted with castles and calls to mind medieval times, in which monks, Knights, and troubadours trekked through the country. Occitania, such as the South of France was once called was the region of the Cathars; a religious sect with huge popularity. In the 12th century a crusade brought an end to the influence of the Cathars. The last Cathars were burnt to the stake at Montsegur in 1244.
A troubadour, however, predicted: "in 700 years time the Laurel shall bloom again ..."

The castles of Puilaurens, Montségur, or Queribus - you must have at least visited one. But there is more than history in the Cathar region: a rich diversity of landscapes; lovely and peaceful places, vast forests, vineyards, steep gorges and picturesque villages. Rennes-le-Château with its mysterious treasure or the medieval city of Carcassonne, perhaps the most beautiful and best preserved walled city of France, recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The Abbey of St-Hilaire, where the monks in 1531 invented the delicious sparkling wine "Blanquette" or the impressive Gorge of Galamus and its hermitage.

The wineries in the region are receiving more recognition these days as well as the markets and home businesses where all kinds of specialities spoil your taste buds: Here you will find a wide gastronomic pallet to keep your mouth watering.

The climate is Mediterranean and with 300 days of sunshine per year makes the region suitable for holidays from early April until the end of October. Early spring is wonderful because everything is in bloom. The autumn is very nice with the rich deep colours that autumn brings. In the summer the sunflowers are in full bloom.

Climate table

  Chance of
(very) warm
Chance of
Chance of
Chance of
January UV - 0-3
February UV - 0-3
March UV - 3-6
April UV - 3-6
May UV - 6-8
June UV - 6-8
July UV - 6-8
August UV - 6-8
September UV - 3-6
October UV - 3-6
November UV - 0-3
December UV - 0-3

Regional climate table

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